6 tips on how to achieve your fitness goal

von | Jul 2, 2020 | Boxing, Kickboxing, Tips

Do you want to change yourself? Give your life a turn? Do you want to feel healthier and fitter?
The idea is excellent, and we will help you take the first steps. You are not alone with good intentions. Unfortunately, many people cannot make them happen – but if you follow the following tips, you’ll put your plans into action and reach your goal.

Tip number 1: Define a measurable goal and ask yourself why you want to achieve that.

People who do not know their goals will never get there. If you define a measurable goal, then you know what you are working for. Ask yourself: Why do I want to reach this goal? Which benefits will I get if I have reached that? By answering these questions, you get more clarity about your goals.
Set yourself small goals. Reaching a goal must be measurable. For example, if you want to lose 22 lbs, your first goal might be “I’ll lose 7 lbs in the next month”. And this goal is measurable – either you have lost 7 lbs or not. If not, it’s time to revise your plan.

Tip number 2: Set a deadline and define milestones.

Set a start date on which you’ll start working on achieving your goals. Next, set an end date on which you will reach your goal. Between this time, set milestones. For example, if you want to lose 22 lbs for the next three months, you could define monthly milestones. Your first milestone might be to lose 7 lbs.

Tip number 3: Create tasks for achieving your goals.

If you want to lose 7 lbs in the next month, you need to think about how you can achieve it. For that, you create tasks. For example, a task might be to do a cardio BOXHIIIT workout every morning or a bodyweight workout for raising the strength in the evening.

Tip number 4: Create a schedule.

You defined your milestones and tasks, and you know what you want to achieve.
Now it is about integrating your tasks into your everyday life. For this, it is necessary to plan your weeks. For example, you can do a cardio BOXHIIT workout at 7:00 am every morning and strength workout with your bodyweight three times a week at 6 pm.

Tip number 5: DO IT!

It doesn’t matter how you feel or how tired you are, the essential step to achieve your goal is – to follow your defined plan and complete your tasks. NO EXCUSES – HARD WORK PAYS OFF.

Tip number 6: Find a partner with similar goals.

Achieving a goal together and talking about your successes is fun and motivating. Together you can achieve more because of the motivating aspect.

How can BOXHIIT help you achieve your fitness goal?

With an effective training plan (we call it Training Journey), effective bodyweight exercises, and exhausting cardio boxing/kickboxing workouts, you’ll lose fat and build up muscles. The mix of endurance training and strength training with your body weight, you have everything you need to achieve your goals – but remember to tip number five: DO IT!

With BOXHIIT, you can start a Training Journey as a beginner or advanced athlete. You can choose freely: Whether you want to try pure fitness boxing or integrate bodyweight exercises, you can adjust each workout individually. But that is not all: In our latest release, we added more workout categories. If fitness boxing is not enough for you, you can do kickboxing or pure bodyweight workouts. Besides that, you can choose one of several stretching exercises.


BOXHIIT is a “high intensity interval training” (HIIT) app that combines boxing, kickboxing and strength training with your own body weight in one workout.


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