Outdoor training: Why train outdoors?

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Fitness and strength training are very much in vogue, but mostly the trend is towards gyms and other indoor activities. After all, there is a reason for this, because the gym has all the necessary equipment and utensils, the temperature is pleasant and music or even a TV screen is playing in the background. On the other hand, everybody knows that a little fresh air is good for everybody. This raises the question why one does not shift the sport to the outside, as a workout in the open air actually has a lot of advantages. Read here why it can be fun and useful to step outside with your sports shoes on.

Nature lifts the spirits

First of all, the contact with nature has the effect of stimulating the development of the body. Only those who are exposed to the harsh conditions of nature have to adapt and develop physically. After all, this was already the case thousands of years ago, otherwise the human body today would certainly not look and function the way it does. This means that rain, mud and earth are good for the body instead of damaging or weakening it in any way. And this fact has even been scientifically proven. For example, there are studies that show a positive effect of nature on the human psyche. Trees in front of the office window have been proven to brighten the mood, which in turn is conducive to strong defences and good health. So don’t be afraid of wind and weather!

Stimulation of the processes in the body

Apart from the mental effects of outdoor sports, there are some physical processes that are stimulated by a training session in nature. For example, micro-cracks, such as those caused by leaning on the forest floor or gravel bed at the lake, activate the immune system. And the cold stimulus that prevails in the autumn and winter months also has a stimulating effect on the immune system. But the benefits of outdoor training do not stop there. Nature as an environment promotes attention, because it is usually much more exciting and varied than the routine in the gym. Relaxation is also promoted, because oxygen, sun and the chirping of birds are just as good for your mood as the green of the trees, which was proven in the study. On the physical level, fresh and cool air leads to increased blood circulation, which counteracts tension and thus automatically leads to relaxation. So mood and stress levels are regulated at the same time.

Variety and time saving

The organisational advantages of moving the sporting unit outside are mainly related to time savings and variety in training. After all, when you work out in the great outdoors, there are no waiting times at the machines, and there is no need to travel to the gym. Of course this advantage depends on the location of your four walls. However, if there is a possibility for “outdoor sports” nearby, you only have to go outside the door instead of going by car or public transport.

And even if the optimally designed equipment from the gym is missing, nature offers a wonderful opportunity to be used as training equipment. For example, large stones can serve as weight, and branches for a more difficult version of jumps or squats. The park bench is ideal for bench pressing – as the name suggests. Push-ups can also be done on the bench or on stairs. The latter, with the additional possibility of sprints and step-ups, are a real all-rounder among the natural training devices. Even though the exact acquisition of weights, seat heights and the like is of course difficult in this setting, outdoor training definitely brings more variety to everyday training. And it also promotes creativity!

Equipment and clothing

In principle, no equipment is necessary for outdoor training, because there are many natural devices to be found. Tree trunks, benches, stairs and the floor offer an optimal gym to work with your own body weight. Of course it can be useful to take some dumbbells or a resistance band with you to make the exercises more demanding. However, you will certainly find weights outdoors if necessary. There are no limits to your individuality and creativity. As far as clothing is concerned, you can wear exactly the same sportswear in the warmer months as in the gym. The most important aspects here are of course freedom of movement and breathability of the clothing. In the cold winter months, a thermal leggings, a long-sleeved shirt and a thin jacket over it are suitable. This should primarily keep the wind out and not be too warm. During a good and strenuous workout the body stays nice and warm anyway!

BOXHIIT is perfect for outdoor training

As you know, BOXHIIT offers a variety of training possibilities such as boxing, kickboxing and workouts with your own body weight and is therefore ideal for outdoor training. Try it out and do a 16-minute boxing training in the nature. I can promise you, it feels great.


There are countless possibilities how you can arrange your outdoor training. The outdoor training is not only very varied, it also has many positive effects on your body. Maybe this training method is also something for you?


BOXHIIT is a “high intensity interval training” (HIIT) app that combines boxing, kickboxing and strength training with your own body weight in one workout.


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