BOXHIIT is a “high intensity interval training” (HIIT) app that combines boxing, kickboxing and strength training with your own body weight in one workout.

Fitness boxing/kickboxing is one of the most effective sports when it comes to burning fat and getting into shape. You decide when and where you train.

Create a training routine and integrate fitness into your everyday life. BOXHIIT is suitable for everyone. 


Workout collections


After every workout I am always impressed by how many calories I burned.

Julia C.

I am a consultant and therefore travel a lot. Thanks to Boxhiit I always have my gym with me.

Brian M.

I had never boxed before.
Now I have integrated BOXHIIT into my everyday life. 

Kira L.

Your Training plan




Reach your goal in 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks

A “Training Journey” is your training trip over several weeks. You will complete several training units within one week and get closer and closer to your goal.

Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight or just get fit, all Training Journeys will give you the results you want.

You can choose from many different workouts for additional training.


Strength Training

Build muscles and burn fat with the right combination of bodyweight and boxing exercises.  

Train everywhere

You decide where, when and how to train. No equipment. No classes to sign up for. 

Decrease body fat

You’ll improve your body composition by increasing your muscle mass and decrease your fat mass.

Choose a workout


BOXHIIT contains over 200 highly intensive workouts in 4 training categories: boxing, kickboxing, body weight training, stretching. 

All workouts are regularly updated.

Gain access to a large number of varying and highly-effective workouts.

Access to high-quality video tutorials  for all exercises.

Create a training routine and easily integrate fitness into your everyday life.






THE COACH WILL drill you


The Coach will drill you 

With our new training category DRILLS, you can train not only strength and endurance but also your reaction time. The coach puts you to the test and tells you exactly what you have to do.


Choose a workout

Activity history.

How many and which workouts have you completed in the last month? Which month was the most successful? The activity history gives you the answer by tracking your training activities.





Become an athlete



BOXHIIT ATHLETE is our premium version of BOXHIIT. In addition to boxing, it contains three further training categories: Kickboxing, Body Weight training and Stretching. As BOXHIIT ATHLETE you have access to more than 200 workouts – without advertising.



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